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Sunday, February 19, 2012

is he for real???

yeah... if u have read my 'u left me speechless' post... its about a boy tht i was n is into whose being a jerk towards me all the time lps dah bg harapan tinggi menggunung... yup he left me speechless, without saying a thing... he suddenly change n like kept avoidg me for no reason... i dont no why... hmm u know sumtimes its wrong to walk a way when u think its over... but actually theres so much more to say... my heart torn apart when i saw his status 'in a relationship with Amy (not a real name)'... i was like so shock n so patah hati... sbb dlu dia penah ckp tht he didnt want to think bout this relationship stuff sbb busy nk carik kerja lah bagai... cakap x serupa bikin... lps i saw his status, evryday i kept playing tht lagu 'Patah Seribu by Shila Amzah'... evry single day i played tht song... sgt patah seribu at tht time... so yah last saturday i mean kelmarin, he suddenly miss called me... then i  txt him askg why... he said saje je... then we txt je la lps tu.... he wants to say sorry for being such a jerk to me the last few months... n i said to him tht he's really a jerk but still i will forgive him... he's being the old him... the 'him' tht i was i love with dlu... n dia dah broke up with his girlfriend i just dont know wht was his purpose but i liked it... at the same time i think i wanna teach him a lesson... i wanna to see him terhegeh-hegeh at me... i want him to cry me out! i want him to know mcm mane rase nye bila gantung x bertali... but at the same time i just dont wanna lose him again... ahhhh i just dont know.... :/

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