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Monday, March 19, 2012

numb thumb dumb jump!

fuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh im so freakg scared right now... i cant eat properly -sumtimes i ate a lot, n sumtimes nk mkn pn x lalu-, i cant sleep well (ok i sleep very2 well), im too terrified to face the fact on the 21st... it is just like the worst nightmare ever... n worst i had a fight with sumone... mcm mana nk minta maaf... because its like so freakg big fight...n tht person means a lot to me... without 'em im nothing... n i am to be blame... because mmg ur own fault pn.... n yah how to minta maaf??? kalau small deal tu mmg lah senang nk minta maaf... haih i just dont know... i wanted to, but i dont know how to do it... maybe some of u might think tht im kinda ego or sumtg... no im not!!!! im just feeling tooooo guilty n dont know how to apologise.... im too scared to face 'em... what am i suppose to do..?? just leave it hanging??? or i shuld apologise by writing a love letters??? yeah! LETTERS! tht would work... i guess...  im so hoping tht it would work... n atleast i do sumtg kn dari nothg at all... kan???

p/s: saja besar kan font so it will look like a very very very very n very long post...

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